Sybas Moran

Agent of the Logicians


A cold, but highly efficient agent in charge of the Tantalus Alms House in Coscarla, he is tasked with providing alms and assistance to the workers of the District.

He is actually an agent of the Logicians, and led the group of 10 that took over the district. He used the Alms House as a cover for the Churgeon’s project.

Fled the district with his surviving agents after the Acolyte’s assault on the Alms House, and is currently still at large.

During further investigations into the Tantalus Combine, it was discovered that he was attempting to use their resources to fund some nefarious plan.

The details of this plan, as well as the identity of his superiors was lost when he was eliminated by an assassin during attempted apprehension by Cell Σ-03.

Sybas Moran

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