Maxus Drayelok

A Hosteller in Coscarla


Runs the only hostel in Coscarla, he is visibly gaunt, wearing tattered clothing that is visibly too large for him.
He is nearly always covered in a cold sweat, and twitches uncontrollably.

Is an obscura addict, and is prone to the paranoid delusion that his guests are out to get him. He also uses his guests as the primary income for his drug habit.

He does this by paying Dregs to come into the hostel in the night, and killing his guests, so he can sell their possessions.

The Acolytes stayed with Drayelok for two evenings, before he pulled his stunt. This ultimately backfired on him, as they killed many of their attackers, and eventually captured him.

He told them about the red-eyed body-snatchers that are known to hunt in the night through Coscarla.

Was discovered dead in his hostel, as the riots overtook it.

Maxus Drayelok

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